Spring cleaning

It’s the time of year when I feel this crazy and irresistible urge to clear out old junk. I have been cleaning out dark corners of my roundhouse (well, curves anyway!). I have been going through old tat and making several trips to the charity shops.
Nigel & I have both been sorting though stuff from storage, being as ruthless as we can whilst being mindful of those items that really do mean something.
I find it interesting, the pull towards cleaning the nest despite my natural intellectual resistance.
My instinct says; I need to do this! It’s the right time!
Certainly, the geese are doing it. They have made a beautiful nest from leaves pinched from my plants, from labels found nearby, sticks, and from the straw in their beds. Really lovely work, and lovely eggs. No gander though, so no chicks – but the urge is there.

Then there is the physical cleansing part. This I find manifests in a desire for fresh greens. However I’m not great at actually following through. I have some cabbage & lettuce in my greenhouse, but not enough for daily consumption. I do have nettles sprouting, but sadly not the desire to harvest them.

I do however have a real interest in helping my animals out with their diets. In particular, I have been looking at my sheep and their diet, and searching for ways to include natural medicines. The most prolific & readily available for the forager at this time of year is wild garlic. I pick a few handfuls at least every other day. When I take the sheep their bucket of food (one ewe is in lamb with twins, so I am feeding them an organic all rounder) I also take them this lovely green treat. I add some dandelion leaves & flowers on the way down. When I get there, I put just the greens in their trug. The speed & excitement with which they scoff the leaves is extraordinary! In the wild, sheep will go to great lengths to reach wild garlic, their own instinct telling them what to do.
After the frenzy of leaf eating, I put their feed in the trug & they happily carry on munching.

There is a fabulous book for anyone interested in growing or foraging natural herbs & medicines for their animals ‘The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm & Stable’ written by Juliette de Bairacli Levy.

However if you really want to follow this very interesting path – do your own search, see what sources of information grab you.

Spring cleaning is such a widely ranging enterprise – what is calling you?