I can feel it in my bones!

Well everyone, welcome to 2017!

I can feel it in my bones, this is going to be a dynamic year. Don’t know why, the energy just feels amazing. Maybe its just me? I think though, it might be in the air!

Here at Plas Helyg we are looking at what to do next, after the holiday craziness. Here are a few of the main jobs.

Fencing – always a Big Job. Luckily I now have a new neighbour whose sole aim in life is to lift heavy things for fun, so Sam is lined up for a fair amount of post bashing!
But where you get the posts from? Now there is a whole other subject.
Tanalised, because they are cheap though toxic? Chestnut because they are the best, but hard to source & expensive? Welsh oak – also dear and hard to source?
I am mulling this over, and checking my bank balance, hoping for reassurance that I can do the Green Thing…

Anyway – onto other jobs!

Cob course – thinking of a new way of doing it, as I really want to finish my greenhouse. Open house course perhaps, people can dip in & out, but we will do it over 2 weeks to ensure the is plenty of opportunity to get involved. Watch this space.

Crowdfunding – I will be crowdfunding for ‘Eco-pods’ for visitors, here on our land at Plas Helyg, in the Lammas eco-village.
I will be ‘going live’ with this in the next couple of weeks. Rewards will include experience helping on these unique builds, willow course gifts, produce gifts, baskets, and naturally some of the first chances to stay in our eco-pods!
I am really, really excited about this, and I am looking forward to your joining us in this great project. We are building these self contained visitor pods so you can experience the low impact life in a real eco-build, and get a genuine feel for ‘the good life’.
We will also offer the pods to long term volunteers, so if thats more your thing, consider volunteering! We haven’t yet built our main house so there is still lots to do here at Plas Helyg.
To whet your appetite, here is a pic of Ted’s ‘eco-hut’, which is the basic model for the eco-pods. It is amazingly comfortable, built from straw, earth, and lime, and so very lovely to sleep in. Look out for my crowdfunding campaign, and please share widely!

One of the ongoing jobs here – willow.
It’s willow coppicing season, and I am busy busy busy out there in the plantation. I am making hurdle fences, sorting & grading my willow, getting ready for courses and commissions.
The willow sculpture courses in particular are booking up quickly – the heron workshop only has one place left, and the hare workshop only 3 left. Let me know if you are interested!

So perhaps I am mad to be visioning all these things. People tell me I take on too much.

But I can feel the energy rising, spring is coming, – what’s YOUR vision for 2017?