The importance of one little label


Well, I am going to cheat a little this week, as I have been tiring myself out, running about doing willow workshops here there & everywhere, making stars, wreaths and generally spreading willowy cheer! And what with doing 2 fairs this weekend, I a feeling a bit overwhelmed, so will keep this short & sweet.

There have been several discussions about the One Planet Produce label already, a design was broadly agreed, and I bought the first labels just last week. As I am one of the keenest One Planet people, having been producing my Artisan Willow sculptures & baskets for several years now, I have jumped at the opportunity to promote what we do & use the label to sell my products.

A label may seem a very small thing to most people, however to myself and others who are living the ‘one planet life’ it means something deeper.
For me, it provides a form of validation for sustainable economics. It helps me to feel part of a community of people that is trying to find one way of making our lives respectful and nurturing of the land that we live upon. Respectful of the plants, trees, and creatures. Working together with other to create an economy which is localised yet has global – yes ‘one planet’ impact. This little label represents for me the goal of my life for these last 7 years, to make my living, or at least a large part of it, by ‘living lightly’ on the land.

And again, Wales leads the way.
Wales has banned fracking.
Wales is integrating creativity into schools.
And Wales has One Planet Development – which leads to One Planet Products.
I feel honoured to be part of this movement. I am not at all saying it’s the only way, just A way, to move ourselves towards a sustainable economy.

Regarding what you can source of One Planet Products – you can buy eggs & honey from Beeview Farm; skincare from Hoppi – Flower Power Organics; salad packs from Rhiw Las; and my own beautiful naturally grown chemical free willow baskets & sculptures. There are more which haven’t yet been advertised, but will be promoted soon I am sure.
Details of all the products are soon to be found on a new website but until that is launched (I am ahead of myself as usual!) you can find info at

In addition to this – and the reason I am very excited – I have just yesterday launched my very own Etsy shop! Just look up OneWildPlanet on Etsy…

Happy shopping – keep it One Planet!