A Handmade Holiday

It’s that time of year again – excessive purchasing of unnecessary items for people you love but it’s never what they want (love perhaps?). Or even worse purchasing things for people you don’t like but think you have to?
Excessive ingesting of over sweet and over-fatty foods.
Excessive partying and general over-the-top behaviour…

But wait!
That’s not me!

I try to only buy things my family need. It leads to a somewhat practical Christmas, but if your husband is suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, what better to get him than a SAD lamp? Certainly he may prefer a case of wine, but that’s just what he wants. Not what he needs!

And my kids, yup, its new long johns. And pants.
They love me, really.
I do get an occasional present that isn’t REALLY what they need. But mostly, I stick to our family reality, not the fantasy that all the shops are pushing on you.

About the excessive ingesting bit. Hmmm.
We buy in the basic ingredients – organic if possible – and make as much as we can. Leaves a hole in the pocket, but not in your gut! Homemade Gingerbreads. Mead. Truffles! All the necessary stimulants without the stagnating feeling afterwards. We are getting a free range turkey. Local veg. Our own glorious puddings (beetroot cake? yum!).
It’s all great, unless you ACTUALLY east a whole tray of Nigel’s almond raisin dark choc truffles. Then you do feel sick.

And lastly – partying? I am going out tonight for the first time in ages. Dress up? Dance? Absolutely. Get so drunk on cheap alcohol that I am sick? No. Bit old for that anyhow. And it certainly won’t help my stamina – this is just the start of the holidays!

Lastly, about presents that are handmade. Here is my willow Herald, greeting the dawn. Only £58 and totally natural and biodegradable and the money goes to a crazed eco-nutter like me.

Lots of great handmade & fair-trade stuff about. Just look up your local craft fairs, your local galleries, or go to sites online like the Natural Collection or Green-shopping. There really is something for everyone.

And may you have a wonder-full, full-filling and handmade Christmas! I’ll be back in 2017!