Creating your own reality

It has been an interesting week. Today started with the realisation that I would be finding out who was the next President of the USA. As I voted ‘in absentee’ for the first time in my life, I feel somehow more attached to the outcome. I am still American in Passport only, so I did vote – for Clinton – in the last place I lived in the States (thats how they do it) in Clinton, Connecticut. Apart from voting Democrat for President, all my other votes were Green.
So I wake up to the alarm at 6.30, remember that I don’t have enough power to switch on the normal light or to go on the internet. Frustrating! We have had so little rain that our hydro power is down to 600 watts, so I need to alternate powering the heat in my kids room with my freezer and the internet!
I make tea & try to wake up, feeling that surely it will be Hillary Clinton?
After my tea, I make my son a hot chocolate to wake him up for school, go up to the kids’ room, switch off their heat and return to the house & switch on the internet (& freezer etc etc).
Not an average morning for most people I expect.
I go online and search for election results.
With a certain surprise and definite horror, I realise Trump has actually won. The shit he threw at Clinton stuck. My state of Connecticut voted Democrat, but so many other states are coloured red.
I have a discussion with my kids about it. My son is very up on politics, and is convinced Trump will start building that wall between Mexico & the US. He also thinks Trump will start the Hunger Games up, but only between people he doesn’t like (women, anyone not white?). Well, my son is 13, so it’s all about the drama for him.

I have absorbed the result now, and what I think is this.
Quantum Physics says we create our own reality. What we think creates what we see, and the more we imagine something the more real it becomes (I am paraphrasing here!).
Also, there is some Goethe shared with us hundreds of years ago, which is the power of your own truth, living it, and this boldness to be yourself and live your own truth magnetically pulls the world along with you.
So I am NOT going to focus on the what if’s, the oh no’s, and the messages of despair, fear and hate.
I am going focus upon living my life as I have been, as I have created, and as I intend to be.
I am about to go into my yurt (freezing cold but I’m working on that one) to make hats from wool to sell. I have been cutting willow to teach people to make willow sculptures. I have been making candles from wax made by my own bees. All of these things are positive, looking forward, and achievable, for me.
I will pursue my positive dreams, and I hope you do too. Don’t let the Trumps get you down.

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