Pipestrelle rescue

We have a lovely great big water tank, to catch all the rainwater from our roof. I had a mind the other day to see how much water was in it. To my sadness when I looked, there was a dead bat inside it, floating in the water.
Later on the same day, I told my 13 year old son David about the bat. I had decided to put a piece of wood in there in case anything else got stuck & couldn’t get out. The tank is from the 1970’s and doesn’t come with a lid!
So David went up there to have a look just before me – and came back saying he had seen the bat move, and that it wasn’t dead!
We both rushed up to the tank, and extremely carefully I used a long stick to give the little creature something to hang onto. We then transferred him to a piece of bark, which we sat on a warm bit of slate in the sun.
The bat – a pipistrelle we believe – proceeded to slowly recover. We gave him a bit of sugar water on a piece of grass, my husbands idea, and he licked that up very fast. He shook himself like a dog, and warmed up for some time. By now the whole family had gathered to watch the little bat. We also kept Luna the cat from seeing him.
Eventually, he started to clean himself. This was fascinating – he licked the inside of his leather like wings, with his tiny pink tongue. I have done a video which I am hoping will attach to this post…
When he seemed better, we moved him on him piece of bark into the cob greenhouse. He leaped onto the peach tree, rolled up a leaf, and hugged it tight. We watched from outside. Within 10 minutes he had started flying – and then came out of the greenhouse, flew round the garden, landed again and crawled into the eaves of the barn.
What a pleasure it was to watch this little bat grooming himself and taking flight again.