An owlish week

This week I hit the ground running, returning from our holiday volunteering in France to an unusually busy week of weaving. I have been teaching people at a family event how to weave leaves, which I then bound into a family ‘tree’ for them. This was held at Scolton Manor – whose logo is an owl. Also at Scolton, I was sited next to Pembrokeshire Falconry – where I held a Barn Owl.  Lastly, in the middle of the week, I taught a family how to weave, here at my place. Three people opted for baskets, but the 14 year old son made – you guessed it – an owl!

scolton meandowl  familyweaving

I have been pondering therefore what an owl represents, and what I can take from this into my own life. To humans owl have represented wisdom and intuitive knowledge.  They also embody stillness, observation,  and seeing the bigger picture.

Certainly I try too hard to ‘do’ in my life, and I feel that part of my own learning is to start to just ‘be’.  What a difficult job for a woman that feels so responsible for every action, so intensely connected to nature, and so keenly aware of my impact upon the environment and all its creatures. It can be very hard for me to feel comfortable being human, because of all these things.

Yet here life seems to be saying be still, be peaceful, and observe…just be.